Nearly 80% of our general contracts are performed for repeat clients and direct client referrals.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Commercial construction and general contracting were the core services of Schnippel Construction, Inc. when founded by Gene Schnippel in 1953. Since that time, we have completed well over 400 commercial projects.

In-House Professional Engineer
Owner Tom Schnippel personally oversees each construction site to assure the highest standards of quality and safety.

Load-Bearing Steel Stud System
This revolutionary system offers several benefits, including a non-combustible material, high strength to weight ratio, decreased placement and long-term performance costs as well as excellent versatility for design.

Value Engineering
We systematically evaluate your construction plans and specifications to define the value of your project. We will them work with the information obtained to either increase the function of your proposed project or reduce the cost, depending on your specific needs.

Design / Build Capability
If you have the vision, we can make the dream come to life. We walk the journey with you from initial design requirements, right through the finishing touches.

LEED Compliant
If your project is part of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program, we are experienced and ready to guide you through the project protocols in both design and construction.